Consulting Services for Distributed Generation

The worldwide market for power generation is undergoing a tremendous transformation due to restructuring of the electric power sector in many countries. This is resulting in intense competition, as well as price increases and capacity shortages. At the same time new, cost-effective distributed generation technologies are increasingly becoming commercialized. Finally, near-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are coming, and combined heat and power promises to be a key measure for fighting climate change. Current trends, both in the U.S. and international markets, favor distributed generation technologies for some key applications.

Resource Dynamics Corporation has provided consulting advice on small-scale power generation for more than two decades. Clients include project developers, equipment manufacturers, utilities, end-users, trade associations and financial institutions. Our work began in the early 1980s with cogeneration feasibility studies and market assessments. In the 1990s, we helped many U.S. companies assess and act on distributed generation business opportunities. Projects typically quantify the market for distributed generation technologies as well as develop effective business strategies.  During 2000-2013 we have significantly contributed to development of the IEEE 1547-series of interconnection standards, and to several State interconnection standards, and continue to provide consulting services to a variety of clients on distributed generation issues.

To help clients understand distributed generation technologies and markets, we offer several services, including:

Evaluation of distributed generation opportunities in end-use markets - identifying key sectors, geographic areas, and applications in the industrial and commercial sectors where distributed generation has the most potential to be installed.

Strategic planning for the distributed generation marketplace - developing successful business strategies used by our clients to enter into new markets.

Assessments of distributed generation technologies – developing key insights about the feasibility and commercial potential of distributed generation technologies.

Identification of potential sites for distributed generation applications - performing in-depth studies to identify and evaluate sites with the technical, economic, and institutional potential for distributed generation.

Feasibility studies for distributed generation projects - determining the technical and economic feasibility of distributed generation at specific sites and for specific applications.

Facilitation of standards and Rulemaking – help clients develop technical standards and rules pertaining to distributed generation, interconnection, and net metering.

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